Couples Counseling

I am currently offering only telehealth therapy services. Onsite appointments are offered only to existing clients, for emergencies.

Is your life with your partner filled with tension, frequent arguments, feelings of distance and loneliness? Do you worry about your relationship not standing the test of time?

Couples therapy may be the answer to creating a healthier, more satisfying relationship. In working with couples, the focus is on improving areas of change sought as a couple. Current stressors on the relationship are identified, communication patterns explored, expectations clarified and strategies are worked on for achieving mutually acceptable goals.

Common Couples Issues:

  • Emotional distance/disconnect
  • Poor communication
  • Marital Disputes/Anger management
  • Infidelity
  • Infertility
  • Financial problems
For an appointment, contact Suja Cheriyan:
Call: (281) 207-1295

Meetings are typically on a weekly basis and last 45 minutes. However, they can be adjusted based on specific needs.